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   Marielle Gonier defends art that challenges perceptions and convictions, and I recommend that anyone who wants to experience art as close as possible to feelings, emotions and that part of fragility buried in us that we don't often let live, to see the film Performing land, and to be in the presence of Marielle, in the same place, here, elsewhere, even if you are far away and it's through a screen. It's quite simple, with Marielle: we reborn because we become ourselves. 


Olivier Vojetta, writer, literary critic and member of Alliance Française Sydney


This research is a sensorial experience for her,  where the art of exploring is equally important as the performance itself, if not more. (for Performing land project)

Zeren Oruc , curator for iksvy art

Throughout her work Marielle showed her ability to listen to and care for the adults with autism, some of whom have communication, motor or social difficulties. Her spontaneous creativity and deep humanism made her an undeniable asset for the medical and social support of these people.

Julien Page Director of Foyer d'Accueil Médicalisé Simone Vei



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