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Instruments poétiques

Art installation

POETIC INSTRUMENTS is a poetico-realistic installation with performers interacting with the audience in video projection.


Every man is instrumentalised in spite of himself, living in an environment, a framework, an era which are imposed on him. He no longer takes the time to feel, even worse he no longer feels the lack of the other, of others, the depth of silence, the absence, the tactile or spiritual gentleness.

So why not make this insensitive man a poetic instrument? Let him strive to feel, to rediscover, to explore the presence of a sensitive abused inner world.


The installation encourages to think about the place of freedom, to feel, experience, live a sensitive state in modern society.

The installation invites everyone to find their own internal rhythm while being a spectator of the environmental oppression of which they are the daily victims. Between raw reality and the imaginary, POETIC INSTRUMENTS  will allow the spectator to experience and then write his own sensitive story through the encounter of ephemeral characters, personifications of the sensitive, states of being too often repressed.

Perpetual socio-philosophical questioning.

" Modern man must not neglect his sensitive, intuitive, sensory inner world, he must go through it with attention in order to better perceive, conceive and accept himself, finally detaching himself from an imposed ideological instrumentalisation or that he himself is afflicted with. "

                                                                                                                               Marielle Gonier

Creation and artistic direction : Marielle Gonier

Performers : Chun Ting LIN and Tom MIGNE

Performed in Salle de Charenton in Paris in 2017

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