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Corto maltese, conversation with Irene

Participation as a performer artist (dancer and story narrator) and choreographer


Corto Maltese, Conversation with Irene, is a multidisciplinary multimedia project conceived by several artists crossing their art and their respective talents in a restitution of the life and journey of boat "Irene of Boston", a yawl identical to that of Corto Maltese, built in 1914, in England (Cornwall) and beached a hundred years later at Pozzallo, on the Sicilian coast facing Malta.

The sailboat, built in 1914 in England, sank 100 years later off the Sicilian coast near Pozzallo, which faces the island of Malta.
Corto Maltese, having discovered the wreck, initiates a dreamlike conversation that is full of symbols; the itinerary evoked by the sailboat takes the audience around the world. Slowly, a female character emerges from “Irene of Boston.”
The stories of her travels are metaphors for the human experience. They are about having the courage necessary to overcome fear, or the curiosity necessary to discover and understand different cultures, in a journey that becomes a kind of initiation.

The performance begins with the announcement of the passing of Hugo Pratt. Corto Maltese is experiencing a solitary crisis of disorientation and identity until, via his dialogue with the wreck of the sailboat, he discovers that buried inside it, prisoner of the decaying hull, is the soul of a woman.
The memories of shared adventures, and the dreams, encounters, and intersecting destinies enable Corto to find himself again.


writer : Marco Steiner

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  • in Sicily ( Italy) at TEATRO NASELLI in April 2017

  • in Tournai ( Belgium) at the LES INNATENDUES philosophy and music festival in September 2017

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