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Immersion au coeur d'une oeuvre en mouvement 

  Live performance  +  Art installation

   AU FIL DE L'AIR is a hymn to life through the sensitive path, the continuous journey, from the real to the imaginary.


   Through the life of a woman, the audience will be led to travel emotions and sensations: memory, loneliness, dreams, disillusionment, time passing ... It is in this free and living space, where time seems to have been stopped to give place to life in all its glory, that the spectator, at the rate of nature, will find its place, gently and freely. He will then be able to experience and deliver his own story by sharing the moment, which is also an integral part of the work.

   To deepen the journey, musical composition and poetic texts accompany movements and artworks.


   Au Fil de l'Air has been performed 8 times In Martinique ( French West indies ) at the end of artist-in-residence program with audience, from 11th to 14th of October 2018 , with 2 performances per day.

Possibility of two performances :

Day performance: 17 min  / Night performance :20 min

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