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Catharsis-study 1


"According to indigenous beliefs, each natural element (lakes, mountains, rocks, animals, etc.) retains an imprint left by the spirits who created it. In this ideological continuity, nature would therefore be the greatest witness and the most distant memory of humanity in the face of its own cruelty."   Marielle Gonier



  In Catharsis-study 1,  Marielle drew her  inspiration from the  the theatre of Antonin Artaud, which aims to exorcise our deepest memories and most skilfully repressed emotions. 

In this vein, the performance draws a parallel between recent natural disasters and the massacres of Aboriginal people since the 18th century in Australia .




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Marielle takes a unique approach to exploring the natural environment that surrounds us and which, according to her, provokes constant reflection on our existence. 


Catharsis - Study 1  in  Bilpin international ground for Creative initiatives (BigCi)

Live performance and artist talk interview, February  2023, Blue Mountains.


Catharsis- Study 1   under development at The Lock-Up contemporary arts space and Gallery, Newcastle. April 2023

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